Our carefully chosen, friendly and supportive pool of thousands of diverse buyers simply LOVE to test, review and help brands launch in style. If for any reason a particular tester cannot review your product, they will post a product mention/their online opinion on their social media channel of choice, increasing your product's exposure

to a new pool of buyers, essentially driving more traffic and sales to your listing. Either way, you get both the ranking boost and the exposure boost, to always make it a double win for you.


Our process utilizes the most powerful “Search-Find-Buy” ranking technique. Leverage our safe and effective system to promote your brand to thousands of shoppers to drive exposure, sales, and organic keyword ranking. Search-find-buy method is very time consuming to the end buyer so no other service offers it any longer.

Yet it remains the most powerful way to organically rank. It also allows you to give away less units than if you were to use any manipulative (and often forbidden) URLs. We believe in safety first and in strictly operating within marketplaces' TOS. Feed the algorithm in a natural, safe way and take your business to the next level.


Utilizing the manufacturer's rebate model, our buyers purchase your product at its full retail price. No discounts, no coupon codes. This ensures the buyers are then able to leave a verified, organic and honest review (that sticks) on the marketplace of your choice: Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Etsy.

We are also the only service offering our integrated marketing campaigns on all 9 Amazon's international marketplaces: US, CA, JP, AU, also in all 5 EU countries: UK, DE, FR, IT & ES.


Get either online reviews or social media mentions for your products. Our testers are required to take 1 action after testing a new product. They then upload to your campaign dashboard a proof of it so everything stays fair, transparent & trackable. If a buyer is not able to leave you a review or a direct feedback

(in case something was wrong with the item), they will post an online mention on their social media channel of choice. You can also message them directly via our platform to chat about your specific needs and goals (however you have to stay compliant with TOS and FTC at all times to maintain your account with us).


Maximize visibility - get your product in front of as many eyes as possible in an impactful, natural way. Our testers have multiple channels to choose from when deciding where to post about your product: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogs, Youtube (or they can choose to leave you a product review on the

marketplace where they were to buy your item). Spreading the word about your product and brand on a variety of social media channels helps you gain momentum - it drives traffic sales back to your listing.


Unlike other platforms, we protect our sellers from abusive buyers and malicious, manipulated feedback. Any abuse of our Kindness policies results in an immediate and permanent removal of a tester from our audience, thus ensuring a respectful and friendly relationship between buyers and sellers.

Our testers know that if there is any problem with the product or the order they can contact the seller first, privately (giving you a chance to fix the issue) instead of rushing to let the world know about it. On our platform, brand creators and testers play on the same team and treat each other how they would like to be treated.


Our team of Launch Managers and Experts remain at your service. You get unlimited help and advice to ensure you achieve your goals of ranking your products, growing your brand, and scaling your business. Our Launch Managers can help you tailor a winning strategy to target your specific needs and achieve your desired end

result. We offer our guidance and expertise on each step of the way. Whenever you need any extra support, just ask - we are powered by your success & play on your team.


You are allowed to message your buyers directly after purchase via our messaging platform to tell them more about your campaign's objective, to answer their questions and to help them if the unit they’ve received is faulty or broken. You can chat with your testers directly about your campaign’s specific needs and goals, however

you have to stay compliant with Amazon’s TOS and FTC at all times (for example, you cannot incentivize anything in your conversations) to maintain your account with us. You also have to strictly follow our Kindness and mutual-respect policies at all times.


Our testers LOVE to review and most of them are Amazon’s Prime members. However, they may also choose to endorse your product on their social media platforms instead, like Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook, to generate exposure, increase visibility and drive traffic and sales back to your listing. You are free to contact them

directly via our messaging platform. Our current average purchase to feedback/review/action ratio is 91% which is unmatched in the industry. This is because we choose our testers carefully and we take care of them. Why not 100% average since our Testers are required to take 1 action for each product they test? That’s because some products arrive broken, leaked, or unusable - in which case buyers send you a private message (instead of spreading a word about shipping/ defect issue), essentially acting as you Quality Control group letting you know you might have a QC issue on some of your items.


Driving real, authentic traffic to your listing gives you an organic ranking boost and increases your sales in a natural, authentic way. We match you with excited, enthusiastic and friendly buyers who share the early adopter mindset. Real people who simply love to support small businesses and can't wait to test products from your specific category

or niche. We know our people, we know what they like and we know which products to connect them with to get the best results for you. End result: organic traffic and organic sales. ROI: infinite.


A hybrid of old and new marketing tools. As a brand you need to get closer to and connect with your audience in a subtle way, avoiding invasive marketing techniques and obsolete commercial messages. Our real testers humanise your brand and endorse it to their inner circles where trust is already established. It works because it’s nothing

more than a natural social interaction. It creates brand awareness, and advertises directly to your target market - in the most pure, organic way.


Our testers will act as your personal brand ambassadors - you will reach organic and authentic inner circles of opinion-makers to get new customers you would never reach otherwise. This helps you get more followers and gain more engagement. Testers give your brand a boost on social media, spread positive messages

and organically influence traffic driven to your listings. You slowly build a real and growing circle of natural and enthusiastic spokespeople for your brand. This creates a solid foundation for a long term success strategy for your brand.

Launch Like a Pro

Problem. Reaction. Solution.

Amazon’s review and ranking system is broken! Many have tried to game it, and most have failed. Review groups and ranking services are simply traps. Sooner or later all of those reviews that you worked so hard to obtain are deleted and your star rating drops. You could even get your account shut down. Your crime? Aside from the fact that you probably worked hard and gave 100% to your products, your brand and your customers? Amazon shoots blindly and rarely retracts. Old techniques just don't work anymore. There is, however a better, more effective solution with none of the risks inherent in other systems.

The Simplest of Solutions

You want pure reviews from verified buyers. We have an exclusively selected, fully supportive pool of thousands of diverse buyers who simply LOVE to test, review and help brands to launch in style. This is achieved without incentivizing the purchase or begging for feedback. It is achieved via methods that are both honest, compliant and organic. Most importantly, our methods are ALL within the boundaries of Amazon’s Terms of Service.


Cupid Level Matchmaking!

The people that you are looking for, are looking for you. We match you with excited, enthusiastic and friendly buyers who share the early adopter mindset. Real people who simply love to support small businesses and can't wait to test products from your specific category or niche. We know our people, we know what they like and we know which products to connect them with to get the best results for you.

Happily Ever After

Our buyers are brands' friends and supporters, not enemies. They understand the small business and the constant battle against the odds. They won’t rush to trash you online because Amazon FBA center sent them broken, wrong or used product. They will instead give you the opportunity to make things right.

Quality Confirmed Adopters

Our early adopters are NOT the usual "contaminated" pool of buyers or hijackers who make up a large percentage of other launching services - buyers who are actually either unable to leave a review at all or, worse, are already on Amazon's watchlist who flag YOUR account when THEY post. That sort of attention from Amazon is something that you can really do without. Our early adopters won’t leave you flaming and abusive feedback either, because they understand that, if there is an issue, they can get in touch with you directly via our platform and get the puzzle solved without fuss or delay.

Kindness Is The New Black

Our buyers are stay at home moms who know how hard it is to work all day long to get things done. They are students who know how one negative exam score (or one negative review) can ruin months of hard work. Through our very strict selection process and the enforcement of Kindness (mutual-respect) policies, we ensure that our testers and sellers treat each others how they would like to be treated.

amazon: the road


Everyone in the industry seems to be protecting buyers and customers (Amazon: “The Earth’s Most Customer Centric Company”!) but who protects the sellers? Aren’t sellers Amazon’s customers too after all?

Honest, yet constructive. Fair, yet kind.

Being selective and maintaining such high standards among both buyers and sellers is a part of the service you will simply not find anywhere else.

Ultimately, we take care of the safety and the ROI of your launches so that you can focus on the myriad other elements of your business. Maybe you could even get some sleep from time to time ;)


6987+ Coffee Cups Consumed
589 Successful Launches
589 Products Made Happy
536 Ranked to 1st Page

Competitive Advantage


Next Level Ninjas can help you gain momentum across multiple eCommerce platforms: Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart, and Etsy. We service 9 Amazon marketplaces: US, CA, JP, AU and 5 EU marketplaces: UK, DE, FR, IT, ES.



$ 9.97 /UNIT

Blast as Many Units as You Like

Utilize the Power of Search-Find-Buy

Rank with Full Price Purchases

Get Verified Reviews

Make it to the First Page

Drive Traffic & Sales to Your Listing

Boost Organic Social Media Buzz

Turn Buyers into Your Brand Ambassadors

Build Brand Recognition & Brand Awareness


Generate Social Media Buzz & Build Brand Recognition.

Get either online reviews or social media exposure for your products.

Our testers can either leave you some shiny stars or post a mention about your brand on their social media channel of choice - you will receive a link or a screenshot of each action taken to promote your product.

Our testers will act as your personal brand ambassadors - you will reach organic inner circles of opinion-makers to get new customers you would never reach otherwise.

Maximize visibility - get your product in front of as many eyes as possible in an impactful, authentic way.

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogs, Youtube – our testers will help your products gain momentum to drive traffic & sales back to your listing.





We can help you gain momentum on multiple eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy and across 9 countries: US, Japan, CA, AU and 5 EU countries. If your products can benefit from rank, review & social media boost, we can help you gain momentum and brand recognition. We launch new products like no other service - our testers are required to take 1 action after testing your item: be it leaving an online review or leaving a social media post about your product on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, their Blog or Youtube - you get exposure, increase organic traffic and sales. We can also refresh the rank/review rating on your old products (via most powerful search-find-buy & full price purchases method) and boost older items sales back up. Either way, you either benefit from influencers marketing push making testers your natural brand ambassadors, or you get more shiny stars as a social proof to your items.
We are based in 8525 Forest St #D, Gilroy CA 95020. Currently we offer both online chat and priority email support. Reply time via email is between 12 to 24 hours.
Our process is based on full price purchases which help you rank faster and safer than discounted/coupon code sales. You can input any URL you want buyers to use or choose our organic Search-Find -Buy method. After your units are claimed, the buyers paste their order IDs into the system for you to check and approve. You will also be able to message testers directly using our communication platform.
The Ninja service fee is $9.97 per unit moved. You prepay us the service fee (equal to the number of units in your campaign) + add the products reimbursement cost (full cost of purchases for manufacturer's cash rebates). You have then 30 days to dispute order IDs, after that time your approved payouts/cash rebates will be automatically issued to buyers. Please note that the cost of rebates/products cost you upfront us will eventually go back to your Seller Central account in the form of sales (minus Amazon's/Marketplace's fees) so this portion of your funds will eventually circle back to you.
Please note that we are not a review service. We just happen to have a loyal, kind, exclusively selected & fully supportive group of testers - stay at home moms, students, church goers, etc. who simply LOVE to test, review & spread the word - helping brands to launch in style. It's thanks to them and their enthusiasm that the action/review ratio on most of the campaigns blasted with Next Level Ninjas is highest in the industry. And that is without incentivizing the purchase - the process stays within Amazon's TOS. We pride ourselves in launching brands safely, securely and successfully.
US, CA, JP. Then also 5 EU countries: UK, DE, FR, SP, IT. Lastly, we started to support AU as well.
Yes, we currently support the following marketplaces: Amazon (all countries), Walmart, eBay, and Etsy.
Yes. You upfront all funds needed for full price purchases for the manufacturers rebates to be distributed to buyers after successful purchase. Full product reimbursement cost is a guarantee to us that your buyers will receive manufacturer's rebates at the end of 30 days (you will have 30 days to dispute order IDs provided to you by testers then they get automatically approved and our escrow releases the rebates to the buyers).
We charge $9.97 Ninja fee per unit moved. If you give away 10 units, you'll end up paying $99.7 in Ninja fees for the campaign. Competing services (providing both ranking & review boost, just with much lower purchase to feedback left ratio than our testers) charge $15/unit which makes us the most affordable solution in the industry. Other competing services providing influencers marketing social media buzz connections charge $100/Instagram post on low end average which makes us 10 x less expensive service on that end too. You can also message your testers who bought your product and let them know your specific requests or just to thank them for their support (your communication has to stay within Amazon's TOS & FTC guidance).
Please note that Stripe uses their own security algorithm to validate credit/debit cards. Sometimes they can mark multiple payment attempts as “suspicious activity”. Please try using another card or try again later, also call your bank as sometimes it's a bank that blocks a purchase. Another advice is to double check the limit you set up for the card - it could be lower than the purchase you're making. If all above fails, we offer 3 payment option: card, direct ACH and wire transfer. If you still can’t pay by neither bank transfer, card or ACH, please contact our support.
There's no limit of campaigns as long as they are for different products. There can be only ONE running campaign per unique product at one time. You can however repeat that campaign again until you achieve your ranking/review/social media buzz/influencers marketing/ traffic increase goal for your product and brand.
Use of any additional coupon codes cannot be used when calculating full cost of products reimbursement. We strongly recommend you do not activate any extra discount coupons visible on the product page when your campaign is running as it confuses testers wether they can use those coupons on top of the rebate they will later receive or not. Additional visible coupons may result in a discrepancy between the funds sent to testers as manufacturer's rebate and the actual price users paid.
You cannot cancel campaigns already paid for and launched or already claimed. However in isolated emergency cases you can ask us to manually pause the campaign or portion of units not yet claimed (if any) and re-launch it when you're again ready (for example when your units got out of stock for an unforeseen reason, or when your product got delisted by Amazon just before the launch, etc). In order to do that, please contact our support via chat or email and we will help ASAP.
We follow up with each buyer 5, 10 and 15 days after they've received the product to ask them about their opinion. We also encourage them to message sellers directly first if there is anything imperfect about the item and to follow our Kindness/Mutual-respect policies You can message your buyers to ask about their opinion and tell them about your goal with your campaign but you have to follow Amazon's TOS very strictly - you cannot incentivize purchases. To use our platform you have to follow both FTC guidelines and Amazon's TOS at all times.
Yes. Each time a buyer claims an item, they paste their order ID into mutually shared dashboard. Please check carefully and DISPUTE if an order ID is not showing up in your seller account. Simply chat with the buyer and ask them to first verify if it was typed in correctly, to resolve. After 30 days all undisputed order IDs are automatically approved and buyers are issued payouts without further possibility to raise claims.

Order ID dispute should be based on the following reasons:
- The order ID submitted was not legitimate/not found.
- The order was cancelled or refunded.
If you need our Ninja agents to help with a dispute - just ask.
1. Let the buyer know (through our messaging system) that his/her order ID will be declined due to the cancellation/refund/not finding the order ID (oftentimes buyers enter a wrong order ID with a typo so please give them a chance to correct).
2. If you managed to resolve the dispute with the buyer - use the option Process > Cancel issue - this action will approve the order ID and buyer will be eligible to receive his/her payout for this purchase.
3. If the dispute it not resolved, use the option Process > Decline purchase - after this action the purchase will be declined and payout WON'T be issued to the buyer. The unclaimed item will be then added to the poll of units available in the seller's campaign and given to a new buyer.

We reserve the right to mediate disputes and ask both parties to provide screenshots of orders made or cancelled as proofs to support their cases.
No, all communication between sellers and buyers has to take place within the messaging board you have access to. Asking your buyers for their email address or sharing your own to communicate outside of the platform is against our TOS and may result in termination of the account.
You gather Shurikens for each unit blasted in your campaigns. After collecting 500 Shurikens you receive a 10% discount on your next campaign. So every 500 accumulated units you launch, you get 10% off your next campaign. For example, if you set up a new 400 units campaign, your accumulated Shurikens save you $400, while also adding 400 new Shurikens to your account's balance.
To refer our platform to other sellers who can benefit from it, go to "Affiliate Program" tab (visible after Sign up). Each seller you refer to Next Level Ninjas will be automatically credited in your Affiliate account.
 For each seller you refer and who completes at least one campaign you’ll receive 100 Shurikens to boost your Ninja powers and get you closer to the 10% discount on your next launch.
We give you an option to contact testers that bought your product through our internal message platform and tell them about your preferred way of receiving feedback. We can’t guarantee any particular buyer would be able to do an online review or Instagram post because they might as well be a blogger instead. Either way, your product will receive exposure & feedback in an organic and safe way.
Our testers LOVE to review and most of them are Prime Amazon members. However, they may also choose to endorse your products on other social media platforms instead, like Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook, to generate exposure, increase visibility and drive traffic and sales. You are however free to contact them directly via our messaging platform. Our current purchase to feedback/action ratio is 91% which is unmatched in the industry. That is because we choose our testers carefully, we take care of treating them right, plus we have Kindness/Mutual-respect policies in place.
All Promotions managed by Next Level Ninjas™ are 100% in compliance with Amazon’s ever-changing Terms of Service and FTC guidance. This is because we always go the extra mile to make sure that every part of your promotion works in perfect compliance and harmony with Amazon. Through our constant monitoring of the sometimes daily changes within the Amazon platform, we ensure continued compliance.
You can get started within 24 hours of signing up. Once you create your first campaign, you will be asked to provide ASIN you want to blast, keywords you want to target, amount of units you want to give away and the start date for the launch. The campaign goes live as soon as pay for the cost of the campaign ($9.97 per unit moved) and for the product reimbursements cost (manufacturer's rebates).



Sign up & complete your Profile/Account details. No Seller Central access or API setup is required.


Choose the product you want to blast, keywords you want to target & date to launch.


Our testers either give you some shiny stars or social media mentions to create buzz, boost exposure and increase visibility of your product and brand, organically. This drives traffic and sales to your business. You can message testers directly after purchases are made to tell them more about your campaign's objective and to answer their questions.


Create your first campaign for as many units as you like.


Choose one of the 3 available payment options (card, direct ACH, wire transfer). Pay for Ninja fees ($9.97/ unit moved) plus product reimbursements cost (manufacturer's rebates - this amount will come back to your Seller account in a form of sales, minus marketplace's fees).


You're now ultra successful, rich and famous. Just kidding. You're just super impressed with your Ninja campaign's results. You come back with another product that needs better star rating, ranking, brand recognition and some organic influencers marketing boost.

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